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Trail pass is required to ski at the area regardless of day or hour Trail passes are required 24/7.  Rules apply 24/7 including designated dog trails and walking on groomed trails. We appreciate your help to keep the groomed trails in excellent condition by using them appropriately and supporting them financially. Friday-Sunday 9am-5pm please pay in the rental office near the main parking lot. Season passes are on sale at the City Parks and Recreation Offices. It is important that season pass holders sign-in at the yurt with each use, as this provides us with documentation of the necessary use numbers to justify the area staying open. If no one is staffing the A-frame, simply put payment in red fee box near parking lot or Creek Side parking spots. To reduce costs, the honor system is in place. Trails are typically groomed daily by city employees or PXCSF volunteers. Everyone utilizing the groomed trails needs to pay the daily trail fee or hold a season pass even during mid-week and night use.    Please be honest: The survival of the area depends on it. Wouldn’t you like to see the area get better? Leveler trails, grooming machinery maintained, new structures, lights…? The growth potential is endless, but we need your help. Grooming isn’t free even with volunteer groomers.

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  1. From Andrea and Joey: Everything, including Upper Canyon, was groomed this evening. The upper trails are spectacular, Dayley’s is groomers choice! A lot of pruning was also done today. Enjoy!

  2. Groomed everything today with Andrea & Joey. PB is up and running again. Upper trails were soft and deep, we got the PB stuck and unstuck several times. Sherpa groomers beware until the snow has time to settle and/or temps warm up. Put down classic track in all the usual spots. Overall pretty soft conditions today but hopefully everything will settle. Enjoy the corduroy!

  3. Groomed Race Loop and Ermin; added classic tracks to Ermine, Race Loop classic tracks still good. Groomed Mule Deer and Creekside (Creekside skate only). Should be pretty darn good tomorrow. 13 degrees at 10:30. Pisten Bully should be grooming Friday (yay).
    Go skiing!!

  4. I did like Mike did, only left his classic tracks. I saw the HUGE hole in Meadows where the Sherpa got stuck but still managed to slide off the trail near the lower Creekside Gate – warning to the next groomer – the Sherpa’s skis don’t always grab in the corners with this soft snow. I’ll take an honest 2nd place for digging a big hole in the snow! I had to run the machine back up to the garage to get the tow rope to recover the ginzu so I packed wide before going back over with the sled. If you see a couple of weird spots, now you know why. Still a little soft in spots but the Race Course reportedly skied well. Hit the trails, lots of beautiful snow!!

  5. Groomed creek side with connectors, race course and ermine for skate. Put classic track in on race course. Soft conditions but course should ski ok on Monday for those willing to brave the cold. -1F at 5pm.

  6. Tim Safford Says: Saturday evening – Race Course and Ermine groomed with classic track. Lots of snow – course still a bit soft but colder temps on the way to help firm up the track. Snowing as I left so may or may not looked groomed on Sunday. Unfortunately I found the soft snow on the corner coming out of the Meadows to Sage Loop and buried the Sherpa – worked at retrieving it for several hours with help from Mike K – but still sitting in the deep snow. Will resume Sunday.

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