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2022-2023 PXCSF Members Individual Membership

Kaziah Hill

Bob Marcinko

Pat Harris

John Roark

Karen Blanchard

Tony Chesrow

Mary Schmidt

Elaine Tobias

Thierry Legraine

Mike Krumberger

Randy Anderson

Maren Hunter

Dave Larsen

Heather Larsen

Todd Nunan

Jan Harwood

Dee Johnson

Jeff Hammes

Eric Dayley

Nina Keck

Adonia Henry

Rachel Fornarotto

Family Membership

Valerie Gill and Dave Roy

Troy & Terri Neu

Ronald & Stephanie Gill

Jan and Phil Mares

Neoma and Steve Walker

Peter and Heather Joyce

Brent, Laura, & Ronan Wolter

Janean White and Dave Wilson

Gus Kerndt and Veronica Nicolae

Pat and Jodi Bragassa

Chuck, Karen, Gabriel, Mariah, and Lucas Dickerson

Capital Supporter

Joe Barker

Kevin Marsh & Erika Kuhlman

Mark and Jane Coe Smith

Angier Wills

Ride on Dads

Timothy Safford

Roger Schmidt

Karen Appleby and Sam Krieg


Business Sponsor

Old Town Gunslingers

Elevated Financial




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