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Trail pass is required to ski at the area regardless of day or hour Trail passes are required 24/7.  Rules apply 24/7 including designated dog trails and walking on groomed trails. We appreciate your help to keep the groomed trails in excellent condition by using them appropriately and supporting them financially. Friday-Sunday 9am-5pm please pay in the rental office near the main parking lot. Season passes are on sale at the City Parks and Recreation Offices. It is important that season pass holders sign-in at the yurt with each use, as this provides us with documentation of the necessary use numbers to justify the area staying open. If no one is staffing the A-frame, simply put payment in red fee box near parking lot or Creek Side parking spots. To reduce costs, the honor system is in place. Trails are typically groomed daily by city employees or PXCSF volunteers. Everyone utilizing the groomed trails needs to pay the daily trail fee or hold a season pass even during mid-week and night use.    Please be honest: The survival of the area depends on it. Wouldn’t you like to see the area get better? Leveler trails, grooming machinery maintained, new structures, lights…? The growth potential is endless, but we need your help. Grooming isn’t free even with volunteer groomers.

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  1. As I understand it the east fork gate is closed bringing an end to the nordic season at mink creek. I want to thank the city and all the groomers for a great season! Have a good summer and see you next season!!

  2. Friday evening – groomed corduroy & classic track from creek side to race course up to ermine. Decent corduroy and mostly good classic – classic a bit thin on creek side. Think – it is near the end of April and the only two locations that are now bare are the two ends on creek side. At this time skiing is done (sans creek side ends) entirely on snow and lots of it (no leaps of faith over dirt). This has been a great season so get out there and enjoy this weekend – in spite of the good conditions it could be the end of the season based on the mandatory closure. Since the conditions change during the day as the temps rise – a suggestion would be to get there early and be able to hit the perfect time/temp. No Ms. Moose tracks. Naturally it did start to snow lightly just as I finished so hopefully it will not amount to much.

  3. Groomed Creekside, Ermine and Race Loop all two passes skate. Moosey last seen heading up Lagamorph. Skiing could be quite good tomorrow morning. Expect at least one more grooming session if Lead Draw is open through the weekend. Sunday will likely be the last day that you can drive up to the area. Coverage is still amazing although Creekside is getting thin.

  4. Groomed Creek Side up to Chickadee, Race Course up to Ermine. Existing classic track looks good with just a light dusting. New classic track set on Creek Side – it is a bit thin as snow conditions did not allow a deep track. Ms. Moose is seriously reclaiming her territory and she is not even the least bit interested in getting off of the groomed course. Made several changes of directions and there she was – a bit like a Whack-a-mole only felt like I was the one that would get WHACKED. Stay alert!

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