Spring Meeting Highlights

This will be my last update as President after somewhere around a 10 year run. I started with PXCSF as a volunteer assistant coach in 2002 for 6 years and then became President more or less by default. It was frustrating to watch the team wither from 30 kids down to a few down to nothing during those years. I hope some more young parents are out there looking to get their kids involved in this awesome sport.  Watching successful and sustainable ski programs in other places I’ve notice they have one thing in common which is a learn to ski program that focuses on fun and social activities mixed in with learning to ski as a per-cursor to competition and teams. I.E, the pipeline should come first. I would love to see junior skiing return to Pocatello.

However during this time period PXCSF has become a volunteer and fundraising machine. We have organized a work force that has made a huge difference of the quality of skiing at Mink Creek. I won’t say the skiing is always perfect but it’s a lot better than without our efforts. During this time we have acquired +$50K worth of equipment for grooming and trail maintenance which has been put to good use. One would have a hard time recognizing the Mink Creek Nordic Area from what it was in the early days. I must pass kudos on to the City of Pocatello for all the improvements and grading they have done as well.

I am remaining on as a Board Member, groomer, misc. helper and Organizer of the Fun Races so you’ll see me around just the same. Thanks to Valerie Gill for taking the torch as President; we’re lucky to have someone so motivated and interested ready to take the reigns. Tip of the hat to Kevin Marsh for taking on the Treasurer position as well.

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