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Greetings Happy Skiers

So far we have 3 folks that have updated PXCSF memberships for this year. I’m asking you to consider sending in your membership soon.

What does your membership fees do for us? Here’s some primary examples:

  • PXCSF grooms 3-4 days per week (4 times already this year). This is done entirely with club-owned equipment and gas.
  • WWW.POKYXC.ORG trail reports are updated with current information after each volunteer grooms.
  • We are planning to replace our Ginzu groomer this winter (as in very soon) to avoid some lurking issues just over the horizon.
  • We still plan to purchase a covered trailer within two years for the Sherpa.

There are no paid PXCSF positions . We don’t buy food, drink or uniforms with your money. There are small administrative expenses such as the website maintenance but the majority directly funds operations, maintenance and equipment.

Please help us keep Nordic skiing alive in Pocatello and send in your membership today.

Thanks, Randy

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