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Trail pass is required to ski at the area regardless of day or hour Trail passes are required 24/7.  Rules apply 24/7 including designated dog trails and walking on groomed trails. We appreciate your help to keep the groomed trails in excellent condition by using them appropriately and supporting them financially. Friday-Sunday 9am-5pm please pay in the rental office near the main parking lot. Season passes are on sale at the City Parks and Recreation Offices. It is important that season pass holders sign-in at the yurt with each use, as this provides us with documentation of the necessary use numbers to justify the area staying open. If no one is staffing the A-frame, simply put payment in red fee box near parking lot or Creek Side parking spots. To reduce costs, the honor system is in place. Trails are typically groomed daily by city employees or PXCSF volunteers. Everyone utilizing the groomed trails needs to pay the daily trail fee or hold a season pass even during mid-week and night use.    Please be honest: The survival of the area depends on it. Wouldn’t you like to see the area get better? Leveler trails, grooming machinery maintained, new structures, lights…? The growth potential is endless, but we need your help. Grooming isn’t free even with volunteer groomers.

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  1. We got another 8-10inches after Dave rolled last night. Due to mechanical issues, the City does not have the ability to groom. Thank you all for filling in on shifts for us this weekend. If you like fresh powder turns, classic skiing on fresh snow, or snowshoeing, today is the day!

  2. From Dave: Packed the Race Course and Ermine with the roller. 6-8inches of new snow, snowed the whole time, expect soft conditions tomorrow. 29 degrees and snowing at 9pm.

  3. I groomed all of the trails tonight. Everything from Ermine and above got one pass, all the upper trails were still in good shape. Everything else got two passes. I also hit Upper Canyon and the top loop. I did not reset any classic tracks. It was 28 degrees when I left and not snowing…….yet!

  4. There was about an inch of new snow today. I groomed everything except the two little side loops on upper canyon. I attempted to set new classic tracks but there wasn’t enough new snow and the old snow was just to firm so I gave up. Fortunately the old tracks were still pretty good. I’d expect pretty good skiing for both skate and classic tomorrow, especially on the race loop. 16 and clear when I left at 11:30.

  5. I groomed the Race Course with a great classic track (for the fun race Wednesday night), Upper Canyon, Ermine with a new classic track, Screamer, Dayle’s, Lost Groomer, High Basin, and the Connector Trail back to Lost Groomer. It was all looking good and then it started snowing really hard with big soft snowflakes. A mixed blessing as it started snowing hard enough at 7:00 and it was still snowing hard when I left at 8:00 at the Nordic Center to start filling in the classic tracks.

  6. I would like to address an issue that has come up more frequently this year. As most of you are aware, outdoor activities are on the rise all over the US. This has put a serious strain on public resources. Some areas are being loved to death. Mink Creek Nordic Center has also been exceptionally busy this year. We have seen an increase in new skiers as well as snowshoeing and sledding. As it happens, I have, almost daily, come across evidence of users violating the restrictions granted by our permit. Just this evening while grooming, I saw snowshoe tracks on several of the ski trails. Worse yet were hiking tracks heading to Meadow. Adding insult to injury, there were footprints and sled runs down Deer Trail. For some reason, I have never caught these people in the act. Boy, I wish I could. I am appealing to your sensibilities to help police the ski area. If you see people in violation of the restrictions, whether ignorant or willful, please be polite but firm and let them know the rules. In the A-frame are the numbers for Lance Clark, the Forest Service and the County Sheriff if necessary. Thank You!

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