Pocatello skis the Teton Ridge Classic

Pocatello success at the Teton Ridge Classic today in the 26k:
Valerie Gill, 8th overall female, 3rd in age group
Joel Braden, 42nd overall male, 2nd in age group
Sam Krieg, 7th overall male, 2nd in age group
Randy Anderson, 16th overall male, 4th in age group
Dave Roy, 18th overall male, 2nd in age group
Bill Woodhouse, 63rd overall male, 10th in age group
In the 13k:
Troy Neu, 11th overall male, 1st in age group
Ken Newhouse, 22nd overall male, 5th in age group
Debbie Newhouse, 25th overall female, 11th in age group
Mitch White, 30th overall male, 6th in age group
Congrats to Mitch on his first classic race, on klister no less!

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