December 9th Update

The skiing at Mink Creek today was quite impressive thanks to the recent grooming. The corduroy is surprisingly firm and supportive. This is what we’ve been working towards over the past decade: good skiing with less than 10″ of snow. The race loop and canyon practically ready for good skis. Chickadee, Roughed Grouse and certain areas of Upper Canyon have some thin spots so I don’t recommend good skis yet but it’s really close. Tomorrow I plan to groom up towards Ermine and above; please give it a day to set up before skiing there.

Thanks to Dave and Val for their maintenance work on the Sherpa. Part of why the machine has performed flawlessly so far is impeccable maintenance, well-trained operators and proactively inspecting things before problems get big. Today they found a missing bolt that would have resulted in down time at an inopportune time. Good catch.

Lead Draw is still locked but it’s worth the short walk to Creekside. Creekside hasn’t been groomed but there is a decent track beat in and from Chickadee up the skiing gets better and better.

On that note we’re considering a Fun Race this Wednesday the 13th at 4:30. It will be classic without tracks set plus you won’t be able to drive past Lead Draw. There is no dinner, please put a beer in your jacket to celebrate afterwards and the yurt will not be heated unless someone goes early to start a fire. Please let me know if you plan on attending.

Go Skiing! Randy


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